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Are you an expert in the field of holistic, strategic risk management? Are you active in this area of expertise and are you interested in broadening your knowledge and experience? Or, are you just getting started in this area and do you want to develop yourself more rapidly? In that case, becoming a member of the CRO Institute is definitely for you.

As a professional institute, we offer you a platform to meet like-minded people for discussions and the exchange of ideas. Through the mentoring program, our members can benefit from the knowledge and experience of professional risk managers, our partners and the directors of the Institute.

Types of membership

The institute distinguishes five types of membership.

Student: available for students of risk management trainings. This membership is aimed at people who stand at the beginning of their risk management careers.

Associate: for anyone who is actively involved in risk management research, education and training. This membership enables you to develop yourself optimally in the field of risk management.

Supervisor: a membership suitable for supervisors in the field and risk management with the desire to gain affinity in this field. They maintain an efficient overview of the growing number of Certified Risk Officers and the latest developments in the field. This enables them to remain relevant as a supervisor.

Professional: for risk management professionals with two years of relevant experience and currently working in a risk management position. The professional membership is also open to professionals with positions where risk management is an important aspect, such as accountancy or compliance.

Professional Corporate: identical to Professional, with the exception that the membership runs through the business or organization. Within this corporate partnership, one can add up to five employees or members to the CRO Institute.

At the beginning of each calendar year, the board of the CRO Institute presents the annual contribution and registration fees.

Continue permanente educatie

Continuous lifelong learning
To be listed in the CRO registry, you must be a Certified Risk Officer. You can follow a CRO-training at: Excellence Management Business School or other institutes. For completing the training, you will receive lifelong learning (PE) points. In addition, you can earn PE points by participating in our events. You will receive a PE certificate and PE points. You can then choose to further adjust these within your professional organization.

Become our partner!

The CRO Institute is always looking for the right partners. Partners who are able and willing to deliver an active and relevant contribution to the development of risk management.

Which types of partners are we looking for?

Educational institutions: in exchange for your knowledge and skills, we grant you access to businesses and their associated professionals. Enrich your curriculum with the latest insights and let our members share their knowledge with you. Becoming a partner is free of charge for you.

Knowledge institutions: the field of risk management is a broad topic. The various knowledge institutions each have their own specialty. The exchange of knowledge and issues contributes to our strength. Becoming a partner is free of charge for you.

Businesses: Provide your risk professionals the opportunity for optimal development. They get the opportunity to draw on the knowledge of others. We achieve in-depth insights for every sector through a knowledge table. In return for your paid partnership you can add members for a discounted fee. Click here to read our code of conduct..

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