Council of Relevance

The CRO Institute sets itself certain rules and standards. The Council of Relevance shall ensure proper compliance.
The members are:

Prof. Dr. Paul Louis Iske, Professor and Director of the ‘Instituut van briljante mislukkingen’ (Institute for brilliant failures)
Prof. Dr. Paul Iske is professor of Innovation and Business Venturing at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University. In addition, he is a consultant and speaker in the field of knowledge, innovation and creativity and he is Chief Dialogues Officer at ABN AMRO. In 2007, he founded ‘Instituut voor Briljante Mislukkingen’. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and workshops focused on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management.

Drs. Fred Steenwinkel RA, RA, RC, CISA, CIA, president of ISACA Netherlands and supervisor in various sectors
Fred Steenwinkel is active in three areas. Firstly, within the IT audit and security sectors; he is
associate professor at Erasmus University in Rotterdam in the field of Accounting Information Systems and president of ISACA Netherlands. In addition, Drs. Fred Steenwinkel is also active in the field of pensions. He is director of the pension fund Equens, board member of the NVOG, the umbrella organization of pension associations, and member of the accountability body for the pension fund at ABN-AMRO. Finally, he focuses on the social domain as a member of the Supervisory Board of nursing home ‘IDHK’ and ‘Spelenderwijs Utrecht’ and is director of Ypsilon, ‘Oogvereniging’ and ‘Blijdesteyn’.

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