CRO Institute Code of Conduct

The CRO Institute focuses on the development of holistic, strategic risk management. This cannot be achieved without a good relationship between, on the one hand, the CRO Institute and its members and, on the other hand, its partners, stakeholders and the public. This is the reason why the institute asks its members to stick to the following rules:

a. Aim for and comply with the highest professional and personal standards.

b. Arrange for lifelong learning in all competences, in particular in the field of holistic, strategic risk management.

c. Please observe all relevant (social) standards, rules, laws and regulations.

d. Trade fairly with members of the institute, risk management professionals, professionals in related disciplines, clients, other parties and the public.

e. Trade with integrity and avoid damage to the interests and reputation of the CRO Institute and its members. Avoid conflicts of interest.

Chatham House Rules
The Chatham House Rules are applicable during our meetings. Every participant is free to use the information from these meetings, provided that the identity of the speakers and organizations will not be disclosed. Participation in the meetings implies acceptance of these rules. With these rules, we encourage a free and open discussion during the meetings; thereby improving their quality for all participants.

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