“Risk Management is my specialty, integrity is my legitimacy”

“Risk Management is my specialty, integrity is my legitimacy”

“Institute for the strategic
& holistic risk professional.”

Remain Relevant!

“We inspire and connect the risk officer
of today and tomorrow.”

Remain Relevant!

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The main goal of the CRO Institute? Increasing risk management across all sectors. Since August 2016,
we have been focusing on the development of knowledge, skills and standards in the field of
holistic and strategic risk management.

We offer our members:

  • Events: Through engaging sectoral and cross-sectoral events we offer ongoing professional development and networking opportunities, through which our members can learn about new ideas in the field of risk management.
  • Knowledge Center: We aim to develop a robust and informative risk management knowledge center.
  • Good practices: We offer our members the know-how on a wide range of topics in the field of risk management through a set of Good Practice documents.
  • Research: We facilitate research to promote the continuous improvement of methods, techniques and knowledge.
  • High standards: We demand the utmost of ourselves, but also expect a high level of professionalism and a proactive attitude of our members.
  • CRO register: We maintain a register of Certified Risk Officers.

The CRO Institute is accessible for risk professionals at all levels. There are five types of membership:
Student, Associate, Supervisor, Professional and Professional Corporate

Our mission

The world is changing and so does risk management. The importance of risk management is increasing. Within various businesses, governments and organizations, but also within various organization managements; from supervisors and directors to managers and employees. Some sectors have taken an early interest in the development of risk management, other sectors only at a later point in time or not at all. The CRO Institute offers a platform where risk professionals from various business sectors can exchange knowledge, experience and good practices. This is how we strengthen and increase the strategic effectiveness, the legitimacy of the participating organizations and the relevance of risk management.

Our vision

Remain Relevant! In this changing world, we believe in cross-sectoral inspiration. We connect today’s risk professionals through a relevant risk management platform where they can exchange knowledge and experience.

Our goal

We want to further develop the field of holistic, strategic risk management. To this end, we make cross-sectoral connections and we encourage mutual exchange of knowledge.

Our strategic vision

Organizational legitimacy for businesses; that’s where risk management should lead to.
This legitimacy can be achieved by promoting the continuity and credibility of the profession.

  • We create a strategic vision
  • We bring cross-sectoral areas together
  • We create in-depth leadership
  • We create profound experiences
  • We are thought leaders

Unlocking our beliefs


Become our partner!

The CRO Institute is always looking for the right partners. Partners who are able
and willing to deliver an active and relevant contribution to
the development of risk management.

Which types of partners are we looking for?

Educational institutions: in exchange for your knowledge and skills, we grant you access to businesses and their associated professionals. Enrich your curriculum with the latest insights and let our members share their knowledge with you. Becoming a partner is free of charge for you.

Knowledge institutions: the field of risk management is a broad topic. The various knowledge institutions each have their own specialty. The exchange of knowledge and issues contributes to our strength. Becoming a partner is free of charge for you.

Businesses: Provide your risk professionals the opportunity for optimal development. They get the opportunity to draw on the knowledge of others. We achieve in-depth insights for every sector through a knowledge table. In return for your paid partnership you can add members for a discounted fee. Click here to read our code of conduct.

International presence

The CRO Institute is an international institute with a growing number of chapters worldwide.
Currently you will find us in The Netherlands, Luxemburg, India and Dubai.


Want to learn more about holistic strategic management? Please find enclosed our list of inspiration.


World at Risk –
Ulrich Beck


Organized Uncertanty –
Michael Power


Against the Gods of Risk –
Peter L. Bernstein

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